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Dallas composer Donnie Bell is known for taking his listeners on an aural journey not only across the planet, but throughout time as well. His eclectic music tells of unique stories that become more and more captivating with each retelling.

Bell has been interviewed by RENEby and 90.1 FM KUPS 'The Sound'. His music has been reviewed by Mediocrity Is The New Genius and his homemade instruments were highlighted on Trashthetic. Bell has additionally been featured on 96.9 FM WOUR, Northwest Public Radio, Pierce TV, and the Rome Sentinel.

Alongside composing music, Bell also educates hundreds of young minds throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex in music theory, composition, and performance.

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Manuscript (Standard)  Manuscript Paper (Standard)

Manuscript (Enlarged)  Manuscript Paper (Enlarged)


Dotted Tremolos  Dotted Tremolos

Multiple Beginnings  Multiple Beginnings

Beaming Eighth Notes  Beaming Eighth Notes

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