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Whether it be a lesson one-on-one, group instruction, or directing an ensemble, Donnie Bell's unique approach towards music education is one backed by the philosophy of "one-size-does-not-fit-all".

Pierce College – Percussion Ensemble

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Servicing the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, Bell has been a learner of music since 1996 and an educator since 2004. His primary focus includes theory, composition, and drum / percussion performance.

SLAP PerformanceBeing an advocate of recycling and strengthening ties between local musicians and their communities, Bell occasionally conducts seminars on upcycling waste materials and everyday household items into percussion instruments.

Katelynn On Drums Accompanied by an unyielding commitment to a rigorous curriculum, Bell readily adapts his teaching to best meet the needs of each and every student by adopting such techniques outlined by that of Dalcroze, Kodály, and Orff, as well as employing some of his own.

Nicholas On Drums Instilling discipline and ambition amongst his students remains prevalent, as he actively communicates the importance of accompanying critical thinking and creativity with a strong work ethic. Donnie Bell believes that success in music will ultimately afford success in life.

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Dexter with Sonata III, Second Movement by Handel – February 2017.

Complex Meters

Arnav tackling some 7
in his drum assignment – December 2016.


Malik making use of an assignment to navigate around the drums – November 2016.


Pedro working on a syncopation exercise – October 2016.

Sixteenth Note Grid

Anthony working on a sixteenth note grid – July 2016.


Pedro working on some syncopation exercises – June 2016.

Sticks v. Drumsticks

Nicholas explaining the difference between sticks and drumsticks – May 2016.


Rishab working on a syncopation assignment – February 2016.

Linear Timing

Nicholas tackling some linear timing in his drum assignment – January 2016.



Dotted Tremolos  Dotted Tremolos

Multiple Beginnings  Multiple Beginnings

Beaming Eighth Notes  Beaming Eighth Notes


When Students Forget To Practice  When Students Forget To Practice

...Dog Ate Your Homework?  ...Dog Ate Your Homework?

The Copyright Monopoly  The Copyright Monopoly

90%  90%

What Is Your Life Lesson?


Manuscript (Standard)  Manuscript Paper (Standard)

Manuscript (Enlarged)  Manuscript Paper (Enlarged)

Drumset Map  Drumset Map

Stick Anatomy  Stick Anatomy