Impressions are testimonials derived from music critics, radio personalities, contemporaries, students, educators, listeners, and many others regarding Donnie Bell’s role as a composer, performer, and/or music educator.

What Is Your Impression?


Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue Drumline

I absolutely LOVE his music! Each song has it's own little twist and I just love how soothing they are to listen to. I also feel his songs have an upbeat feel about them, which would be great for getting a person moving and motivated. He's extremely talented! What makes him even more special is his creation of musical instruments from everyday items. Although each piece is amazing in it's own right, my favorites are Egg Water and Hold On, Let go. -Jennifer

After nearly 25 years as a radio broadcaster, I have been exposed to amazing talent over those years...this guy is the WHOLE package! We are lucky to witness the rise of this budding artist!! Give this guy "an ear"-(or Three!)-Go Donnie Bell! -Kris

Donnie Bell's music is exhilarating. His percussion is a fine marriage of accuracy and passion. His compositions tell of struggle, loss, perseverance, and redemption. Although his music is contemplative and can be considered classical, his rhythms are perfect for dancing and working out to, which makes him a viable commodity. Donnie Bell is a rising star. -Liza


University Of Southern California

Donnie is blessed with a diverse spectrum of talents from creating musical instruments out of everyday household items and writing music compositions, to inspiring and teaching others to join this creative outlet. -Trash Talk Tuesday, Trashthetic

Donnie Bell is a once in a lifetime kind of artist that can capture pure emotion. He is definitely not a cookie cutter musician. This guy is one of a kind. -Dustin Stack, RENEby

Donnie Bell is one to keep an eye on. -Ryan Robinson, MITNG


Seattle Lecture Arts Program

It's going to be a pleasure to watch this composer evolve and make his mark on music. Musicians like him are what pave the way for youngsters to aspire to do what he is doing now. -Tommy Sandovallegos, Manigua

Donnie's his “own” composer in many ways; he seems very knowledgeable and successful in achieving his own sounds, instrumentation, and stylistic senses. -Peter Frajola, Oregon Symphony


Pioneer Technology & Arts Academy – Percussion Ensemble

Mr. Bell is a very responsible and hardworking teacher. He is also very knowledgeable of his subject area Music. I highly recommend him. -Christian

I was initially impressed with Donnie’s enthusiasm, communication skills, musical talents, innovated ideas, and professional demeanor. Donnie has a passion for teaching music and helping people of all ages to succeed in life. He quickly and easily develops an excellent rapport, especially with children. He consistently demonstrates leadership and integrity. I recommend Donnie Bell without reservation. -Danielle

Donnie is great! He's been teaching my son for over a year now and even today, my son looks forward to his lessons. If you're looking for a percussion instructor, I highly recommend you try him out, you won't be disappointed. -Amit

Having one of the best instructors to come to your house is not easy to find, we're lucky to have Donnie Bell as a drum instructor for our son. -Patrick

Donnie has very innovative approaches to teaching and is extremely patient and adaptive when needed. My son looks forward to his weekly lessons and enjoys practicing his rudiments and sets. Donnie has managed not only to teach my son how to play the drums, but to appreciate music and develop an ear for rhythm. -Adriana

I became a better percussionist and perform well at my concerts. I like how he made songs that I could learn and helped me master them. Donnie is a good teacher. -Parth

Donnie is an excellent percussion teacher. The lessons always started with the root of percussion - the rudiments. I learned everything about percussion, from composition to performing on the set, and Donnie really let me decide where I wanted to go. He was always willing to help outside of lesson hours with what you would need, including accessories for your set and any questions. He is very relaxed and makes lessons very easy on the student. The lessons definitely stick with me even several years after the fact. -Steven