Chronicles (2010)

Released:  February 02, 2010
Duration:  12:21
Instrumentation:  Xylophone, Marimba, Tri-Toms, Bass Drum, Cymbals.


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Donnie Bell's Chronicles, a multi-movement work scored for a percussion quintet, portrays the heartbreaking tale of Toucan, a sad and lonesome creature searching for love. Spiraling through a never-ending freefall of desolate longing, Toucan encounters an exceedingly beautiful and most illustrious nightingale, Nickel. The two fall for each other, instantly. And, though veering towards a seemingly brighter sense of belonging and amity, all is not as well as hoped.

  1. In Love With Love
  2. Summer Of Darkness
  3. Rescued In Rain
  4. Toucan's Revenge

Alongside this new found love trails an indifferent world of imperil hazards and bitter chances. Beset by Nickel's underlying ambitions, Toucan finds himself pulled into a brutal downfall of deceit and demise. Spinning beyond control, Toucan attempts to escape a descending fate of such unfavorable measures, while struggling to overcome his incurable affection for the malevolent nightingale...


March 2009 marked Bell's debut as a composer with the premiere of Toucan's Revenge at Lagerquist Hall, Tacoma, WA. (Almost a year prior to the release of Chronicles.)