Compositional works are musical creations made using a system of notation for the intent of providing instructions to the performer who in turn interprets these given instructions and then produces an audible representation.

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Zepp Overture (Arrangement)

Zepp Overture is the theme from SAW the motion picture. Bell composed an arrangement for percussion ensemble to celebrate the release of Jigsaw (2017), the eighth installment of the franchise.

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Ouroboros is a collection of loops by composer Donnie Bell.

  1. Serpent
  2. Eating The Pudding
  3. ...Do It!
  4. No Pressure
  5. Château
  6. Nakasoto
  7. Mausoleum
  8. Slomo
  9. Delicious
  10. Transmogrify

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First Down!

First Down! is a quick celebration cadence written for drumline.

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Space Monkey

An array of experimental procedures leaves one primate entombed within a refuse repository set adrift across the remote regions of the galaxy. Celestial interception, however, averts such a seeming demise by relaying this artificially enhanced oddity homebound outfitted with vengeance.

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Egg Water

South of the distant stars, Iakesogamat is home to a group of life forms that rely solely upon the eggs of a bird-like species known as Irots. Many of these Irots are enslaved and subjected to unfit conditions. Yet, one manages to escape and sets out on a journey to the last surviving sanctuary, Egg Water.

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Climb Aboard Longhorn

After living alone on a ship for eleven long years, a loner now longing for love decides to return home, but must first take on an impending storm.

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Trash Can Deluxe

Felix, Wendy, and Roze are three children growing weary of the ever unpopular selection of music or what they refer to as "a collection of useless trash". One day, the three ventured off to the local waste yard and began combining useless trash to produce a collection of music. Most may call it ironic, but to these three, it is called Trash Can Deluxe.

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After the second uprising, a state of emergency is declared, bringing about a nationwide lockdown. All civilians are now bound by the confines of their own walls and are monitored closely. This is a mere fraction of many restrictions implemented by the abusive ordinance of the Higher Order, a policing empire serving not to protect but to control its people.

Freedoms and justices are no longer of paramount significance, as the interests of the Higher Order outweigh in more importance. Those who openly oppose these interests mysteriously vanish. Civilians in possession of weapons are subject to punishment in the magnitude of death. Publications and other media outlets made available are those distributed by the Higher Order. And so it is, at such oppressive conditions, one figure arises to defy the clenching grip of the Higher Order.

Identified solely by his mangled mask of disfigurement and the horrific scars carved in his back, he roams the night with a galvanized pipe in hand. He stands not with a name but a title. A symbol conceived by the people. An allusion to the signature act preceding the manner in which his disposed victims are found. He is Impaler.

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Snails To Slugs

Snails To Slugs (stylized as sn@ils to ślugs) is a marimba duet by composer Donnie Bell.

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Tacoma, WA

Tacoma, WA is a work paying homage to the town that gave Donnie Bell a home for over four years. Composed for a wind and brass ensemble, this aural landscape depicts the City Of Destiny: Tacoma, Washington.

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Hold On, Let Go

Donnie Bell's Hold On, Let Go, a work for solo piano, attempts to portray the very emotions that we face, while pondering a difficult decision in life. As we ultimately veer towards one of two-or, at times, even multiple-directions, our inclinations to reflect upon any given outcome tend to linger beneath one thing: Play it safe and Hold On or take the risk and Let Go. Much often, the extent of a bearing consequent levels at that of minimal proportions. Occasionally, however, the complexity of a situation may rise; and sometimes, to Hold On becomes just as difficult as it is to Let Go...

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Donnie Bell's Chronicles, a multi-movement work scored for a percussion quintet, portrays the heartbreaking tale of Toucan, a sad and lonesome creature searching for love. Spiraling through a never-ending freefall of desolate longing, Toucan encounters an exceedingly beautiful and most illustrious nightingale, Nickel. The two fall for each other, instantly. And, though veering towards a seemingly brighter sense of belonging and amity,all is not as well as hoped.

  1. In Love With Love
  2. Summer Of Darkness
  3. Rescued In Rain
  4. Toucan's Revenge

Alongside this new found love trails an indifferent world of imperil hazardsand bitter chances. Beset by Nickel's underlying ambitions, Toucan finds himself pulled into a brutal downfall of deceit and demise. Spinning beyond control, Toucan attempts to escape a descending fate of such unfavorable measures, while struggling to overcome his incurable affection for the malevolent nightingale...

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