Space Monkey (2014)

Released:  December 16, 2014
Duration:  06:43
Instrumentation:  Celesta, Marimba, Synthesizer, Trapset.


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An array of experimental procedures leaves one primate entombed within a refuse repository set adrift across the remote regions of the galaxy. Celestial interception, however, averts such a seeming demise by relaying this artificially enhanced oddity homebound outfitted with vengeance.


On May 01, 2014, the U.S. Copyright Office raised their Standard electronic filing fee from $35 to $55, thereby charging artists who submit a multi-movement work an additional 57%. Those who submit a single work would still be charged a $35 filing fee.

Although Case # 1-2022611086 (a.k.a. Space Monkey) encompassed a standalone compositional work, the U.S. Copyright Office regarded each individual element (e.g. index of notation, score, cover) as a separate submission and charged Bell an additional $20 to resubmit the file.